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The Southeastern North Carolina Radio Reading Service is one of seven Radio Reading Services throughout the State of North Carolina. We provide access to printed information for individuals who cannot read conventional print because of blindness or any other visual ,physical or learning disability.
Specifically for the Benefit of Those with Blindness, Vision Impairment and Physical Disabilities that Limit Reading
Southeastern North Carolina Radio Reading Service provides a radio and internet reading service for those with conditions such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, Parkinson’s and the after-effects of strokes

We broadcast by way of closed-circuit radios (provided, at no charge, to eligible applicants) and by way of the Web.

These special daily broadcasts include:
• Readings from newspapers – local, regional & national
• Readings from numerous magazines
• Readings from online publications
• Readings from news & information websites
• Readings of informational publications of various agencies & organizations with services for those with print disabilities
• Interviews with community leaders and representatives of service-relevant agencies and organizations

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